How To Manage Your Macronutrients

Tip #19
How To Manage Your Macronutrients
by Dr. John Berardi

Are you more likely to be able to decipher ancient Greek texts than figure out how to construct a diet containing 30% protein, 50% carbohydrate, and 20% fat? Well then check out the following resources.

1- is the National Agriculture Library's Food and Nutrition Information Center. Here you can find basic information on dietary supplements, an advanced food composition database, information about the food guide, and a listing of interesting resources about special needs, food allergies, etc.

2- is a fantastic resource and although it uses the food database above, may actually offer a better presentation of the food composition data. It doesn't offer the other information, though.

3- is another great food composition site that offers much more including online diet and fitness journals.

4- offers many of the same resources as but has several excellent additional features such as an online 'university' (weekly education about the physiological and behavioral sides of nutrition). The extras cost money but are worth checking into.

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