Basil for Swine Flu?

Basil has a dark secret in its closet.

It's actually really good for you.

In fact, recent research suggests that basil can help fight bacteria, viruses, and chronic diseases.

So it may be helpful in the age of swine flu, and diabetes.

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Basil for Swine Flu?

A body transformation worth seeing . . .

To say that Lean Eating client, Yano, had a great year would be an understatement.

During the last 12 months he lost 20% body fat and, in the process, won $10,000.00.

Once over 255lbs and pre-diabetic, he’s now 70 pounds lighter, healthy, and extremely fit; and he wants to share his photos, and his story, with you.

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>> A body transformation worth seeing . . . <<

She didn't think she could do it . . .

Carey, 41, is a self-proclaimed rebel.  And, one year ago, she was about as far from "athletic" as a person could be.

Then she joined the Lean Eating coaching program.

Skeptical, she certainly wasn't convinced she could change her body or her life with an online coaching program.

"I’d get that voice that said, 'This isn't who I am, I don't belong in a gym, I can't do this!'" she says.

Fast forward to today; she's 80 pounds lighter and stronger than ever before.

Through the program, she transformed herself from obese and unhealthy - to lean, extremely healthy and fit.

And today she wants you to know something.  She wants you to know that you can do it too.

Check out her story, her pictures, and her message for you:
>> She didn't think she could do it . . .  <<